Steve Martin’s latest book: HOPE – Founded in the Solid Rock

Steve Martin’s latest book

HOPE – Founded in the Solid Rock

Just released June 12, 2018

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It would be nice if you could run down to the local grocery store and buy a package of hope. After all, don’t we find we need it every day? A few good helpings daily sure would be nice.

It is not quite that simple to get, but hope is certainly possible to obtain, and keep. The way I have found hope is by believing the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, as put forth truthfully in the Bible. Through the centuries, the words written in the Word have proven accurate and life-changing in the very ones who have chosen to believe. I include myself among them.

The daily news will get you discouraged. The bank statement and monthly bills which come by mail or smartphone will drain you of your pursuit of happiness. One minute you are “up”. The next minute you hit a wall. What is it that keeps us pressing on to accomplish the good in life? Family and friends can be a good source to rely on, but even then those relationships can falter. We need more.

We need hope in our lives.

My desire and prayer are that as you read these messages you will obtain hope. Not a hope that will get you just through this day, but an eternal hope where you can stand strong, press on, and know deep in your heart that when it is all said and done, what He, Jesus, has said and done will be the very truth that keeps you until the end.

Find hope. Keep it within, and know that the faith, hope, and love of the Almighty God will always be there for you. He is our only hope.

Steve Martin

Charlotte, North Carolina

June 12, 2018


1. H.O.P.E.                                                                  Page 7

2. Hope – Founded On Nothing Less                         Page 10

3. Hope Again                                                             Page 14

4. The Unexpected                                                      Page 17

5. Incredible                                                                Page 20

6. Multi-All!                                                                Page 22

7. Milestones                                                               Page 27

8. He Speaks In Many Ways                                       Page 30

9. Change                                                                    Page 34

10. More Quickly                                                        Page 37

11. Aim For The Target                                              Page 39

12. Influences                                                             Page 42

13. Dream On                                                             Page 44

14. The Unknown & The Known                               Page 47

15. Open Hands, Open Heart                                      Page 50

16. Christopher Wants A Baby; Catherine

Wants A Cookie                                              Page 53

17. For The Love Of God                                           Page 56

18. Choose Wisely                                                      Page 58

19. Hope In God                                                         Page 61

20. Labyrinth                                                              Page 64

21. God Will Make A Way                                         Page 66

22. Grandeur                                                               Page 70

23. Gone, With Little Remains                                   Page 73

This is Steve Martin’s 18th book. All are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-books.